Our history

Welcome to Legginspromo!

Leggingspromo was established in mid-2019 to provide sweat products to ensure our customers sweat, relax and feel comfortable in the stressful time.

I used to be a person who has trouble sweating even though I work out a lot. I tried so many products like drinks, pills and so on, but I still can't find a good way to lose weight. Once I went to a sauna, I knew it was the right method to use if I wanted to sweat in my weight loss process. However, no one has time to go to the sauna every day, so I kept looking for the most convenient method to sweat and lose weight. That's where Leggingspromo came in.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience and the latest technology. As an e-commerce company, we've been in the health and beauty niche for a while, so we knew exactly what steps we needed to take to make the leggings the best quality and options for consumers.

Since the launch of our first product, we have listened carefully to our customers' feedback, as we believe that buyer satisfaction is essential in a quality business. This is how we have delivered the products as they are today and we are always thinking of ways to improve them!

Our main goal is to improve your overall quality of life. We strive to achieve this by providing you with our Love Hugs. The experiences of previous customers motivate us to work harder and accomplish our mission on a larger scale!

We hope you enjoy our product as much as we do in making it available to you!