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Don't make any effort! Lose two waistlines in less than 14 days

Cosmeto-ceramic® technology: Promotes the elimination of toxins and improves slimming efficiency

Thermoregulation assured: Seamless fabric: support and unequalled comfort

Textile with slimming phytomarine active ingredients: Moisturizes and firms the stomach and thighs
Perte de poids de 1 à 2 cm en 7 à 14 jours. Les jambières de sauna les plus efficaces en France.

Integrated grease burner

Its light and resistant fiber has been studied to give the X-Power™ leggings an incredible elasticity and a fat-burning inner coating based on the principle of sweating

Patented technology

Our Leggings are tested daily (clinical test) in order to increase to 200% our capacity to firm up the muscular tissues by making the fat mass disappear.
Legging nanotechnologique. Le legging le plus confortable que vous porterez. Un legging amincissant confortable.

Absolute discretion

The X-Power™ leggings can be used on a daily basis. Under your clothes or during your workout. The microfibers have been designed to allow the skin's pores and tissues to fully breathe.

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