C'est le meilleur legging amincissant en France. La méthode la plus efficace et la plus simple pour perdre du poids. C'est le meilleur legging amincissant en France. La méthode la plus efficace et la plus simple pour perdre du poids.
Slimming System 2.0

More than 20,000 customers love it (4.7/5)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Don't make any effort! Lose two waistlines in less than 14 days

Cosmeto-ceramic® technology: Promotes the elimination of toxins and improves slimming efficiency

Thermoregulation assured: Seamless fabric: unequalled support and comfort

Textile with slimming phytomarine actives: Moisturizes and firms the stomach and thighs

Perte de poids de 1 à 2 cm en 7 à 14 jours. Les jambières de sauna les plus efficaces en France.
Integrated grease burner

Its lightweight, durable fiber has been engineered to provide X-Power™ leggings with incredible elasticity and a fat-burning inner lining based on the sweat principle

Le meilleur effet de transpiration au monde. Le moyen le plus simple d'être en meilleure santé.
Patented technology

Our Leggings are tested daily (clinical test) in order to increase our capacity to firm up the muscular tissues to 200% by making the fat mass disappear.

Legging nanotechnologique. Le legging le plus confortable que vous porterez. Un legging amincissant confortable.
Absolute comfort

The X-Power™ leggings can be used on a daily basis. Under your clothes or during your sports sessions. The microfibers have been designed to allow the skin's pores and tissues to breathe fully.

X-POWER™ Slimming Legging
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Size Guide
If you are not sure which size to choose, please choose the bigger size. X-POWER is super elastic and flexible. Size 20 can fit the size up to 24
8 S 60/70
10 M 70/80
12 L 80/90
14 XL 90/100
16 2XL 100/110
18 3XL 110/120
20 4XL 120/130

A perfectly shaped figure

- No more love handles, no more unsightly shapes, the X-POWER™ Slimming Legging will slim your waist and hips while shaping your buttocks. Lose one to two sizes instantly after wearing it between 15 and 21 days (clinically tested).

The all-in-one legging

  • Unlike normal leggings on the market, X-POWER's nanotechnology covers from tummy to ankles. This is why all women need them.
  • X-POWER can effectively improve blood circulation, which can effectively eliminate cellulite.
  • The shaping function can lift your buttocks, and make your hips perfectly rounded. Once your tummy is flatter and your waist is slimmer, you'll know how beautiful you are!

Multiply the X-POWER™ effects by 3.

- By exercising additional physical activity while wearing the X-POWER™ Legging, the sweating effect multiplies, you will achieve visible effects in less than 7 days.

Your slimming secret

- The slimming Legging X-POWER™ burns your fat on a daily basis thanks to the sweating effect. It helps with fat loss in targeted, hard-to-work areas (hips, buttocks, waist).

Ultra comfortable

- As light as a feather, you won't feel the Slimming Legging during the day. The elastic cotton fabric will fit your shape while slimming your figure without any discomfort.

Invisible under clothes

- Don't want your friends to know your slimming secret? Don't worry! The Slimming Legging X-POWER™ is invisible under all clothes (jeans, jogging suits, slims, dresses).

You won't be able to do without them

- You will be totally won over by the Legging X-POWER™ from the very first use and you will not be able to live without it. leggingspromo.com products are as usual soft and comfortable.

Machine washable at 40°.

Free shipping with tracking (4-7days to UK)

Customers speak for us

Go for it! Girls, the X-Power Legging has allowed me to eliminate more quickly at the level of my legs, and I use it at all my sports sessions. I ordered two of them

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I've had mine for a few months now, I love it and my mom keeps taking it to the gym so I ordered her one for her birthday lol

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Hélène P.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very effective, girls, and it removes cellulite

leggingspromo avis de clients
Elise M.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It fits perfectly and I can see that I have lost weight. I ordered 3 of them (1 to stay on the couch and 2 to work out) and I can tell you that I'm losing weight because my boyfriend told me so

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