Slim thinning belt S-Power ™
Slim thinning belt S-Power ™

Slim thinning belt S-Power ™

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-Stimulate weight loss and improve digestion

In order to effectively burn fat, the S-Power slimming belt is composed of 6 massage balls and 3 integrated motivation tools. There are 4 massage modes to suit your needs. Up to 6,000 turns per minute of vibrations are available. Unlike other massagers on the market, S-Power ™ slimming belt does not touch not your skins by electricity, So there is no worry of pain.

- Extremely comfortable and 360 massage

With a perfect and professional grouped design, you can easily and painlessly eliminate the tub waist, get rid of excess fat, tighten your back and relax your leg and buttock muscles. This slimming belt gently warms your uterus, reducing discomfort during menstruation, especially for women.

- Multifunctional: Replace several by one

S-Power™ Slimming Belt can massage your abdomen, shoulders, thighs, waist and more with this slimming belt. S-Power™ Slimming Belt can save you from taking weight loss drugs and exercise for a long time, keeping you healthy and slimming.